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December 12, 2020: Hello Everybody, in the past, VNBC has been able to run a very fulfilling charity beer program donating to local causes in need. We are a taproom focused brewery and as a result of COVID restrictions, our income has been significantly reduced. That is not to say we are in financial trouble but we have to face the reality that we are not in a position to give monetarily as we used to.

So we brainstormed and discovered that we could support our community in other ways. Introducing our, "small business bottles". These are bottles of "The Royal WE" IPA that we have replaced the normal labels with pictures that promote our local small business. Hopefully this will bring attention to the fact that the owners of these businesses are our neighbors and they work tirelessly to keep services going up here so we don't have to go down there.

In addition, there is a new release we have just bottled, "Mountain Man Str.IPA"! A mono hopped Strata IPA. Strata has been described as "passion fruit meets pot". Tones of mango, melon, sweet cannabis and a bit of citrus in the form of grapefruit. and yes, that is John, THE Mountain Man behind the shop that provides us with endless helpful necessities up here. Art by Shae!!

This is only the first round. If you have a business and are interested in being featured on one of our labels, send us a picture and a short blurb or catchphrase. We will do our best to get you on a label.

Let's all commit to helping our small business where we can. They need our help desperately. To quote The Big Lebowski, with this latest closure, "The Gawd damn plane has crashed into the mountain!".

Lastly, Thank you for supporting "Very Nice". We are grateful beyond words.


Suzy, Jeff, and the Very Nice crew.

Current Tap Room Guidelines: Starting February 6, 2021, we are open for on-site consumption with 50% capacity (23 people in our taproom). We will open the outdoor biergarden as weather permits for outdoor consumption. As always, you can grab some bombers or get a growler fill and enjoy some Very Nice at home! (Mask required when entering and ordering in the taproom.)

On Tap:

Calmer Than You Are (Session IPA)

Very Nice Pale Ale

Royal We IPA

Monk's Phunk

Logical Fallacy (Stout)

Porter de los Muertos (poblano/orange porter)

Dirk vs Shillelagh (Irish/Scottish red)

I Enjoy Schuhplatteln By Myself (A Quarantine Kveik)

Mr. Plow (DIPA)

Mezcal Bastard (Spanish Cedar Mezcal Stout)

22-oz Bombers:

Calmer Than You Are (Session IPA)

Very Nice Pale Ale

Royal We IPA

Dirk vs Shillelagh (Irish/Scottish Red)

I Enjoy Schuhplatteln By Myself (A Quarantine Kveik)

Mountain Man StrIPA (Strata Hopped IPA)

Mr. Plow (DIPA)

Monk's Phunk (Belgian)


Tap room hours:

Wed-Fri: 2-7 pm
Sat: 12-7 pm
Sun: 12-6 pm (closed Monday & Tuesday)

Free delivery available from Ned to Black Hawk, within 1 mile of Hwy 119! $20 minimum.

November 11, 2020: Hello! First off, this is not a, “we are closing” or “we need help” letter. We know there has been so much of that lately, so we wanted to get that out of the way. Our hearts go out to all the small businesses that have been forced to write those. These are trying times for everyone and we take nothing for granted.

Our Very Nice patrons have kept us limping along and for that we just could not be more thankful. This letter is just a heads up on what we have been through and what we will be going through.

You may have noticed we did not have an anniversary party this year, or Halloween, or chili cook off, events, or promotions. With our tiny taproom, there was just no way we could figure out how to do it in a responsible fashion. The thought of any Very Nice patron getting sick, or worse, is what keeps us awake at night. These types of events were our lifeblood and every tap room dependent brewery has found themselves in tough times as a result. Fortunately, we have been able to buckle down and at least keep up with bills through ramping up to-go beer and bottle sales. A heartfelt thank you to all of you that have taken some Very Nice home!!

Hit even harder than us are all the wonderful musicians that graced our tap room with their sweet songs. If Very Nice beer drinkers are our lifeblood, the musicians are the nourishment that keeps that life blood moving and shaking. We have thrown around many ideas to be able to keep supporting musicians with our business. However, considering how small our tap room is and now even further restrictions limiting us to only 11 patrons and one beertender, there is just nothing for us to do at this time. Please always consider donating to musicians through venmo, paypal, etc. when you have the opportunity. They are too awesome to tell you, but they are all struggling hard.

Lastly, even though there was no anniversary party we do have an anniversary ale! It’s been 8 years! We need something to mark it! An imperial stout but not over the top at 8.5%. This smoky, decadent, black concoction was aged for a month on charred oak that had been soaked for weeks in Old Forrester Bourbon. The Bourbon aged on virgin oak contribute a strong vanilla character that plays Very Nicely (see what I did there) with smoky, coffee, and chocolate tones.

We are naming our 2020 anniversary ale “Way She Goes”. Cuz, if 2020 has taught us anything it’s that sometimes she goes and sometimes she doesn’t, but it’s always just the “Way She Goes”.

With deep gratitude and all our Very Nice love,

Susan and Jeffrey Green

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