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The Beer

Our brew system was small, very small. We've upgraded, but it's still small...a 3.5 BBL system. We plan on capitalizing on this by creating very original small batches of beer. We plan on keeping six regular beers on tap and having fun with any others. I want to be able to create whatever comes into my head the night before and whatever someone has convinced me is worth trying. Folks will be encouraged to come in with recipes and/or ingredients...we will do our best to give them a try.
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Here are the beers on tap at the moment:

(* = Gluten Reduced)

Our Flagship Beers:

"Steffie's Heffe": A refreshing Hefeweizen slightly bittered with Galena hop for a light citrus kick and the traditional floral and citrus tones of Hallertau Mittelfruh. The Bavarian yeast gives this light ale some pleasant clove and banana notes which we accent with late addition orange peel and coriander. Our Bavarian friend Steffie, the beer’s namesake, has vetted this beer and she has ensured us that,  “Es ist sehr net”. ABV: 5.5%  IBU: 18

* "Very Nice Pale Ale": Easy drinking ale. Not intensely hop forward, but dry hopped enough with Amarillo, Citra and Mosaic hops to make it interesting.  The boil includes a “Very Nice” bittering with Galena and Cascade hops and then balanced with late addition of Mosaic hop. Well balanced, designed to be no more, or no less, than “Very Nice”. ABV: 6.0%  IBU: 33

* "Calmer Than You Are" Session IPALight bodied and light in alcohol.  Generous late additions of Citra and Mosaic Hop and then dry hopped with Motueka, Mosaic, and Citra make for a huge hop forward character in a very easy drinker.  Lots of citrus in the form of grapefruit and orange followed up with tones of mango, passion fruit and kiwi.  Designed to be bursting with flavor but still "calmer than you are". ABV:  4.6%  IBU:  35

* "Royal We IPA": Huge hop forward character delivered with a double dry hop of Amarillo, Citra and Mosaic.  This provides a beautiful grapefruit and orange essence characteristic of the American IPA. The body is kept light with only a small amount of crystal malt to allow the hop bouquet and flavor to shine through.  Early additions of Cascade and Galena hops balance out the hop forward with an appropriate bitter background. ABV: 7.2%  IBU: 70

* "Monk's Phunk" (Belgian Abbey Ale): Strong ale named after a strong woman!  Our brewer’s dear mother! This recipe is crafted as a tribute to the tradition the Monk’s started in Belgium over a thousand years ago. It includes lots of Munich, various crystal malt, and a shot of chocolate malt, giving it a deep burgundy color and a heavenly rich caramel taste that literally would bring people to cathedrals in Europe. It has enlightening fruity esters from the Belgian yeast as well as divine sweetness from a gallon (12 lbs) of wild Colorado honey per barrel. ABV: 8.5%  IBU: 25.1

* "The Logical Fallacy": This beer challenges the Logical Fallacy that says if a beer is a stout, it shouldn’t be bittered. We brew it with generous hop additions of Summit and Northern Brewer.  This hop bill is challenged with the smokiness of black patent malt, coffee tones of chocolate malt, and a decadent mixture of caramel malts.  This is a unique stout that will make you look deep into this beer, and lose yourself in its complicated malty taste and intense oil like blackness. ABV: 6.5%  IBU: 53

Premium / Limited Beers:

"Sin-Ger": 1/2 Steffie's Heffe, 1/2 Ginger Ale...a refreshing blend!

* “Ned-Wreck”:  The term “Ned-Wreck”, meant in it’s finest sense.  Denoting, “I have been wrecked by Nederland, I just don’t fit or want to be anywhere else”. We start with a traditional malt background with significant amounts of Crystal/Caramel malt. It’s early addition hop bill is also significant with an IBU of almost 70.  This results in beer just like the folks it was named after, multi-dimensional and complex. Then to add the extreme decadent characteristic of a Double IPA, we late/dry hop with some of the most sought after hops around.

  • Strata (USA, Oregon): a brand new experimental hop described as “passion fruit meets pot”.  Mango, strawberry, and citrus in the form of grapefruit.  Bred to be heavy with Terpenes giving it a dank character that smells like Otto’s jacket from the Simpsons.
  • Enigma (New Zealand):  notes of pinot gris, red currant, cantaloupe, raspberries and light tropical fruit.
  • Mosaic (USA): known as a hop that changed craft brewing.  Extremely complex.  Known for its tropical citrus and “berry medley” profile but has also been described as earthy and piny.  As we said, it’s complicated.

We hope you enjoy one of our most ambitious beers to date.  We feel we have created a beer as intense, weird, and as filled with mirth and frivolity as the people of Nederland themselves.  ABV:  8.5%  IBU:  70

* "Flash Mountain Clover Saison": ONLY AVAILABLE IN 22-OZ BOMBERS. Our latest wild brewed saison. Brewed and dry herbed with both red and yellow clover. Wild foraged by our local herbalist, Arwen Ek, at Wild Vitality Homestead.  Our wild brewed saisons are always a unique experience as, due to their wild nature, cannot be replicated easily.  Red clover imparts a sweet alfalfa essence and the yellow clover imparts a honey like dryness. All accented by the natural fruity ester imparted by a traditional Belgian saison yeast.  Both herbs are wildly used for teas due to their health benefits of which there are too many to mention.  The name is a straight up homage to one of our most favorite “Very Nice” regular bands who we have the honor to host for our 6th anniversary. “Flash Mountain Flood”, whose own experimental nature and from-the-heart flow, exemplifies the spirit of this beer. ABV:  4.5%  IBU:  28  

Watch for...

Seasonals: We love all the seasons Colorado has to offer and will devote beers to them as we go. Seasonal beers will feature ingredients available during the season they represent and we will try to convey the feeling the season imparts.

“Crazy Local” Brews: These will be brews dreamed up by local patrons from across the bar. We will try our best to brew up what our customers can dream up. Find a ton of wild strawberries? Bring ‘em in! Spruce fronds? Bring 'em in! These brews will be about our neighbors participating in the Very Nice Brewing Company.


* Gluten Reduced - defined

Most of our beers are “gluten reduced”.  What does this mean?  We use a product called ClarityFerm, it is an enzyme.  Theoretically it reduces the levels of gluten down to less than 5PPM which is well below the international standard of 20PPM.  However, having each batch tested is far too costly so we do not claim gluten free, only crafted for gluten reduction.

The enzyme is extracted from Aspergillus Nigerus.  Commonly know as bread mold.  Bread mold is very good at cleaving up gluten and uses the enzyme to do it.   The enzyme is very similar to Amylase, the enzyme that all brewing depends on.  Amylase breaks down starch and turns it into Glucose (sugar).  The enzyme from the ClarityFerm is just specific to gluten.

.................. drinking our "charity" beers, you helped us donate $19,198 to date that has been distributed among the following:

Aspen Grove Preschool (Nederland, CO)

Backdoor Theater (Nederland, CO)

Brewtography Project

Carousel of Happiness (Nederland, CO)

Colorado Shiba Inu Rescue (statewide)

Eagle's Nest Early Learning Center (Gilpin, CO)

Holistic Homestead (Nederland, CO)

Let's Buy Nederland Feed and Supply! (Nederland, CO)

Mountain Forum for Peace (Nederland, CO)

Nederland Area Seniors (Nederland, CO)

Nederland Community Garden (Nederland, CO)

Nederland Elementary School PTA (Nederland, CO)

Nederland Fire Protection District (Nederland, CO)

Nederland Food Pantry (Nederland, CO)

Nederland MSHS PTA (Nederland, CO)

Peak to Peak Healthy Communities (Nederland, CO)

Peak to Peak Music Education Association (Nederland, CO)

Rebuild Jamestown (Jamestown, CO)

Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Non-Violence (Boulder, CO)

Town of Nederland Community Gardens (Nederland, CO)

Wild Bear Ecological Center (Nederland, CO)

& many individuals and families in need!

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