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The Beer

Our brew system was small, very small. We've upgraded, but it's still small...a 3.5 BBL system. We plan on capitalizing on this by creating very original small batches of beer. We plan on keeping six regular beers on tap and having fun with any others. I want to be able to create whatever comes into my head the night before and whatever someone has convinced me is worth trying. Folks will be encouraged to come in with recipes and/or ingredients...we will do our best to give them a try.
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Here are the beers on tap at the moment:

Our Flagship Beers:

"Steffie's Heffe": A traditional Hefeweizen brewed in the tradition of “Reinheitsgebot”, allowing only for water, malt and hops. In this ale, only pilsner and wheat malts are used. Bittered with Galena hops for a light citrus kick and the traditional floral and citrus tones of Hallertau Mittelfruh. The Bavarian yeast gives this guy somepleasant clove and banana notes. It has been vetted by our Bavarian friend Steffie, the beer’s namesake, and she has ensured us that, “Es ist sehr net”. ABV: 4.5%, IBU: 18

"Very Nice Pale Ale":An easy drinking ale. Not too hoppy, but enough to make it interesting. A Very Nice citrus bittering mix with Galena and Cascade hops. Well balanced, designed to be nomore, or no less than “Very Nice”. ABV: 5.7%, IBU: 33.0

"Royal We IPA": A balanced IPA with some west coast IPA style funkiness. We use Cascade and Galena hops for its bittering backbone and then add the funkiness of the Summit hop as a late addition. The body is highly light and refreshing to allow the hop bouquet to shine through. ABV: 7.8%, IBU: 70

"Monk's Phunk" (Belgian Abbey Ale): Strong ale named after a strong woman! Our brewer’s dear mother! This recipe is crafted as a tribute to the tradition the Monk’s started in Belgium over a thousand years ago. It includes lots of Munich and dark crystal malt with a shot of chocolate malt, giving it a deep burgundy color and a heavenly rich caramel taste that literally would bring people to cathedrals in Europe. It has enlightening fruity esters from the Belgian yeast as well as divine sweetness from a pound of wild Colorado honey per barrel. ABV: 8%, IBU: 22

"Fuggly & Brown": Mono-hopped and named after the earthy and mildly citrus hop, Fuggles. A malty beer with low hop aroma and bitterness, brewed in the tradition of an English brown. Some slight fruity esters. Traditionally, brown sugar would be used, but we stuck with our locally sourced honey instead, lightening up the body and contributing some slightly floral notes. ABV: 5.9%, IBU: 23

"The Logical Fallacy": This beer challenges the Logical Fallacy that says if a beer is a stout, it can’t be intensely hopped. With generous hop additions of Summit and Northern Brewer, this beer has a technical IBU (International Bittering Unit) of almost 70. However, this hops bill is challenged with the deep smokiness of black patent malt, and coffee tones of chocolate malt, and decadence of caramel malt. This is a unique stout that will make you look deep into this beer, and lose yourself in the intricate taste of its oil like blackness. ABV: 7%, IBU: 65

Premium / Limited Beers:

"Special Lady Friend": Decadent cherries from Door County, Wisconsin.  Spiced up with 2 lbs/BBL of juiced ginger. First brewed for the owner’s wedding at the original Pabst brewery’s beer hall in Milwaukee, WI.  The signature taste for this saison comes from pure Montmorency cherry juice from Door County, WI and raw ginger root juiced right before the brew. The tart cherry hits you immediately and then mellows into a spicy and sensible ginger kick.  The slight fruity/spicy/flowery of German Hallertau hops and sweet aroma of fruit in the Galena hop make perfect companions to this refreshing summertime ale.  Meant to be shared with a special lady friend.  ABV:  5.6%  IBU:  27

"Very Nice Groben Bart": A lager, in collaboration with GroBen Bart Brewery.  A style pioneered by Anchor Steam Brewery in San Francisco and named by them as “Steam Beer”.  The California Common Style was born out of necessity.  Without frozen lakes to harvest ice from, the lagers had to be fermented at ale temperature.  This beer retains many lager qualities such as smooth and balanced and then combines them with some ale attributes such as light and fruity esters.  This is a refreshing lager, mono-hopped with the California born variety “Northern Brewer” giving it a distinctive earthy and piny tone.  On the malty side of the spectrum with some Special B malt from Belgium and some caramel malts.  An easy drinker to be sure!   ABV:  6.1%   IBU:  42

"Mr. Plow": A Double India Pale Ale to honor our fearless plow drivers who keep our streets passable in the winter time. After their shifts, these heroes of the mountain can often be found drinking ales at Very Nice! We thank them from the bottom of our hearts with this liquid dedication! Copious amounts of Galena, Cascade and Mosaic are utilized during the boil giving this ale a hearty technical 117.3 IBU. We balance this bitterness with a slightly caramel malt bill and with the most generous, intricate, dank and citrusy dry hop we could get our hands on, Mosaic, Citra, and Amarillo. This is hoppy goodness through and through! Quite possibly our most ambitious beer yet. ABV: 8.0%, IBU: 117.3

"Valto Coffee Porter": ~CURRENTLY BOMBERS ONLY~ A collaboration between Very Nice Brewing and Salto Coffee Works. Salto roasted a decadent blend of South American Coffees for us: Sumatra Mandheling Gr1 DP with strong earth, dark chocolate, molasses; and Guatemala Huehuetenango SHG with sweet caramel, candies citrus, cinnamon, milk chocolate. For the Very Nice part, we put together a smooth, rich porter recipe with ample chocolate and caramel malts balanced with the eartly pine of Northern Brewer and the spicy citrus and slight grapefruit of Cascade hops. To prepare the coffee, we utilized a process called "Toddying" in which the coffee is slowly brewed in room temperature water for no less than 24 hours. This allows us to get the bntire flavor profile without any of the acidity. The coffee is immediately recognizable in the finished product. Dark chocolate comes on strong and fades into the back of the throat grounding into earthy tones. On the back end, notes of cinnamon and caramel sweetness play with the roastiness of black patent and chocolate malts. ABV: 6.7% IBU: 35.2

"Sin-Ger": 1/2 Steffie's Heffe, 1/2 Ginger Ale...a refreshing blend!

Watch for....

Seasonals: We love all the seasons Colorado has to offer and will devote beers to them as we go. Seasonal beers will feature ingredients available during the season they represent and we will try to convey the feeling the season imparts.

“Crazy Local” Brews: These will be brews dreamed up by local patrons from across the bar. We will try our best to brew up what our customers can dream up. Find a ton of wild strawberries? Bring ‘em in! Spruce fronds? Bring 'em in! These brews will be about our neighbors participating in the Very Nice Brewing Company.

................ drinking our "charity" beers, you helped us donate $12,848 to date that has been distributed among the following:

Aspen Grove Preschool (Nederland, CO)

Backdoor Theater (Nederland, CO)

Brewtography Project

Carousel of Happiness (Nederland, CO)

Colorado Shiba Inu Rescue (statewide)

Let's Buy Nederland Feed and Supply! (Nederland, CO)

Nederland Area Seniors (Nederland, CO)

Nederland Community Garden (Nederland, CO)

Nederland Fire Protection District (Nederland, CO)

Nederland Food Pantry (Nederland, CO)

Peak to Peak Healthy Communities (Nederland, CO)

Peak to Peak Music Education Association (Nederland, CO)

Rebuild Jamestown (Jamestown, CO)

Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Non-Violence (Boulder, CO)

Wild Bear Ecological Center (Nederland, CO)

& many individuals and families in need!

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